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Court Martials

Court Martials

If you have been arrested or charged with an offence under Service Law, we can help you.

We provide legal advice and representation to all members of the Armed Forces (Army, Navy and Royal Air Force).

If you are arrested by military police, we can represent you from the interview stage and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Minor offences are usually dealt with by the Officer Commanding and serious offences by the Commanding Officer.

There is no right to have legal representation at a summary hearing.

However, if you disagree with the outcome, you have the right to appeal to the Summary Appeal Court, we have expert lawyers who can assist you with your appeal hearing.

The most serious offences are dealt with by the Court Martial.

Whilst there is no right to have legal representation at a summary hearing, you have the right to elect trial by Court Martial. Our lawyers can assist you with this.

Our lawyers have the expertise and experience to represent you at a Court Martial and can provide advice, assistance and representation throughout any investigation and prosecution.

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